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Charka Concepts

Charka Concepts

Understanding your energetic matrix

     Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “circle,” and the Chakra concept over many thousands of years has referred to the mystical or energetic anatomy of the human body. 

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In the Vedic Period (1500-500 BCE) they were referred to as “wheels of light” and were noted to align and ascend along the midline of the body. This concept of the chakras traveled from India to China and was melded with the Chinese philosophy of the flow of energy in the body along meridians. Both of these philosophies refer to the circulation pathways of Life Force Energy throughout the human body.

There are many layers to our body: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each layer/realm/dimension incorporates another layer of energetic centers or “higher chakras.” For the purposes of this class, we will focus on our causal body or soul body. 

The causal body houses the soul, ego, and our consciousness that incarnates many times for our evolution and development of our Higher Self.  The higher spirit absorbs these experiences to evolve itself, processing and integrating these experiences to aid in this evolution. To reach beyond our 7 core energetic systems (chakras) one must continue to maintain the energy of their bodies and chakras at a sufficient vibration so the access to the others are open.  

Understanding energy mechanics – the way energy moves through the body and beyond – will help you to understand the connections with a grid. It will help you to work with your grid if you understand that everything is a constant energy flow of patterns in all things – both living and nonliving. And we and other beings and things around us are affected when our energy fields meet and cooperate.

This understanding brings new meaning to the phrase We are all connected.”

As we continue in our studies together, I hope you gain a deeper understanding of that phrase. Thus, if we place our attention on anything and use our senses to better understand that thing, we connect with it on a deeper level. We process through our senses and our energy, as we experience our life journey.

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Fun Facts

Your body is a symphony of energies creating a rainbow effect! 

Want to boost up a certain chakra? Nourish each energy center with the corresponding food choices/colors.

“I want to become more grounded, I will eat root and red colored foods.” 

We are constant in movement, nothing is still. 

Try this – incorporate a daily routine to bring more movement in your daily life and see how you feel. 

I enjoy a daily walk with nature. Nature relaxes me so I can comfortably enjoy my steps as I embrace my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being with movement.

There are no limitations to time or distance with energy.

Consider the Law of Attraction.

Have you ever thought about something more than a few times and it manifests? 

We are a treasure house of magic. 

Each energy generator/chakra houses special abilities.

What ‘super hero’ ability could you share out to the world right this moment?