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Crystal Grid Class

Crystal Grid Class

Reiki University presents, Exploring Crystal Gridworks.

Reiki University programs are develop courses that are designed to provide you education to enhance your life journey. Please choose your learning experience  This course is developed to do at your own pace. I have been working with and learning from grids for as long as I can remember and this practice helped me to develop an understanding of my connection with all forms of life on Earth. Making that connection and realizing the empowering qualities of grids changed the way I looked at and interacted with the world. Gridwork became a daily practice for me.


4 week course, do at your own pace.

Crystal Set & Base included along with LIVE group Q&A  with Kathy 

Understanding the dynamics of sacred geometry, including the Flower of Life & Metatron’s Cube.

Explore & Learn 4-6-8-12-18 point grid formations w/activations

Nifty crystal recipes & more! 

You may be thinking that creating a grid looks pretty simple – 

so how do they really work? 

What is their purpose?

Can I incorporate it in my business & daily life? 

That is why you are here!

This course is appropriate for all learners from beginner to the experienced. During our time time together you will gain an understanding of how to design your own crystal grid. These principles can be applied to create grids using any type of materials.  The Empowerments are intended to assist you in developing a deeper connection of the gridworks with our Mother Earth. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute live session with Kathy to answer any questions you may have. 

In this course I will covering & more:
  • Section 1 : Introduction- Setting up your Sacred Space, Understanding our Energetic systems, a gift from Kathy: a group of crystals intuitively picked for YOU & etched  high grade Aluminum grid base. ( out of the USA & Hawaii must pay the shipping charges)
  • Section 2 : Understanding Sacred Geometry- Creation Formulas,  Metatron’s cube.
  • Section 3 : Components of the Crystal Grid – Crystal connections, an empowerment, choosing materials, crystal recipes, Grid choices and Activation formulas!
  • Section 4 : Manifesting your Intention- Metatron’s Empowerment, Heart awaken experience, Activating your grid choice,

Let us begin our Journey together!

Cost, $275.00