Wisconsin Reiki Center
All Love / Sekhem

All Love / Sekhem

All Love is exceptional empowering energy 


2nd Sunday of the month 9-11am 3rd Thursday of each month, 6-8 pm      $20.00 

Join us In our monthly Sunday & Thursday retreat in a wonderful encounter with your being, where Hearts open and miracles happen!

All Love  is quite different from most other modalities I have experienced.  It radiates to the core of your being, getting to the truth, bringing it upwards for you to express and release out.

It is explained that the energy vibrates in an octave of the 7th dimension & higher. It aims at the opening and expansion of the heart, the unification of all the chakras and bodies of energy, the communication and experience with the higher levels of energy of the being, the re-connection with what we call the Superior and Divine Presence and the connection with the source. 

This All Love workshop that includes: Breath-work, meditations, and group exercises. For your own comfort, please wear relaxing clothes and bring a mat, pillow and blanket.

I offer this in private and in group settings.All Love / Sekhem