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Intuitively Crafted Crystal Grid

Intuitively Crafted Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid Creations: Purchase a crystal grid tailored just for YOU.

  • Kathy will design a channeled crystal grid according to your intention.
  • The crystals will be semi permanently arranged in a pattern on the selected base
  • Ignited grid that connects to her own master/primary grid, which you can change.
  • Infused intension with the crystal formulas and meanings written out.

Lets begin our creation together!

Your choice of packages, shipping is not included outside the United States $45 $65 $75

$45 package

4 point crystal grid design, 5 charged aligned crystals Your choice bases: Sand – Stone – Mirror Geo Necklace

$65 package

4-6-8-point crystal grid design, 5/7/9 charged aligned crystals to match the design. Your choice bases: Sand – Stone – Mirror

$75 package

4-6-8-12 point crystal grid design, 5/7/9/13 charged aligned crystals to match the design Your choice bases: High grade aluminum base etched flower of life or Metatron’s cube – Stone – Mirror

Intuitively Crafted Crystal Grids

Kathy charges her primary grid daily. Here are some examples of her primary/master grids