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Heart Intelligence, Understanding the Power Within

Heart Intelligence, Understanding the Power Within

“Heart Intelligence Vortex is a term that refers to the profound connection between our hearts, our emotions, and our overall well-being. The concept is rooted in the understanding that the heart is not just a simple pump. Still, it also possesses intelligence and a magnetic field that extends far beyond its physical boundaries. At the center of this phenomenon lies the notion that the heart is a crucial source of our intuition and wisdom. It is often referred to as the seat of our emotions. It is believed to hold vast amounts of information to guide us in making decisions, navigating relationships, and achieving personal growth. “

Join Kathy in this workshop as it offers you an unique journey developing a deeper trust within yourself.

Workshop 2024 Schedule
Carriage House, In Person

Workshop Includes:

This workshop is 2 days, 9am-3pm each day. You will receive a workbook, 3 empowerments, group and individual activities, along with lecture time.

$495.00 Price