Wisconsin Reiki Center
Reiki Growth: Explore & Energize – Your Path to Wellness

Reiki Growth: Explore & Energize – Your Path to Wellness

Join Kathy in both types of environments, IN Person or Online/LIVE, as she offers a sacred space for your inner growth. Reiki has positively impacted the lives of so many, including myself. It empowers you to learn about your authentic path on a deeper level. I am excited to meet you in our classroom.

In Person Class, Deerfield Wisconsin: This workshop is held in person at Kathy’s wellness center in Deerfield, Wisconsin.

Online/Computer Live Class: This workshop is conducted live with Kathy using an online interface, specifically Zoom.

You also have the option to design your own class date and times, with a maximum of 4 students. Gather a few friends in a private setting with Kathy and learn Reiki together! If done online, there is no maximum limit. Please note that in-person classes adhere to Covid county guidelines.

Kathy, a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher (LRMT) with the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT), warmly welcomes you to her classroom with an open heart. When you participate in any of Kathy’s Holy Fire workshops, you will receive a certificate and materials that are recognized by the ICRT. Additionally, you will be granted a year’s membership with the prestigious Reiki News magazine. Please note that international postage for the manual is an additional cost.

Kathy offers a diverse range of workshops, both in-person and virtually. These include Holy Fire Reiki, Animal Reiki, Children’s Reiki, Psychic Studies, Crystal Grids, as well as nature outings and field trips. Furthermore, Kathy is proficient in sound healing, Akashic Record reading, and serves as an officiant for weddings, Reiki ceremonies and Wellness Retreats. Her expertise and expansive skill set make her workshops a unique and enriching experience.

If you are interested in participating in any of Kathy’s workshops, whether in person or virtually, please visit the registration page. It’s important to note that all classes have a nonrefundable policy, although full refunds will be provided if the instructor cancels any program.

Holy Fire® Reiki Workshops

Schedule for 2023

Reiki 1 & 2


07/13/2024 to 07/14/2024 INPERSON

08/31/2024 to 09/01/2024 INPERSON

09/28/2024 to 09/29/2024 INPERSON

12/7/2024 to 12/8/2024 ONLINE/ZOOM


Cost: $1295.00

prerequisite Reiki 2 of any lineage.

8/23/2024 to 8/25/2024 IN PERSON

11/9/2024 to 11/11/2024 IN PERSON

12/13/2024 to 12/15/2024 ONLINE/ZOOM


Cost: $1295.00

prerequisite Reiki Master of any lineage.

10/21/2024 to 10/23/2024 IN PERSON

ICRT Animal Reiki Workshops

Reiki 1 & 2 ( Animal Reiki)


prerequisite Reiki 2 of any lineage.

10/9/2024 to 10/10/2024 IN PERSON

Master (Animal Reiki)

Cost: $1295.00

prerequisite Animal Reiki 1 &2 & Reiki Master of any lineage

10/11/2024 to 10/13/2024 IN PERSON

Please note that all classes have nonrefundable policy. Full refunds are honored if the instructor cancels any program.