Wisconsin Reiki Center


Join Kathy in both types of environments, IN Person, or Online/LIVE. She offers that sacred space for your inner growth.

I have witness Reiki has changed so many lives to the better, including me. Reiki works with everything as it empowered your steps toward learning about your own authentic path deeper. I look forward to seeing you in our classroom.

In Person Class, Deerfield Wisconsin, This workshop is offered in person at Kathy’s wellness center located in Deerfield Wisconsin

On line / computer Live Class, This workshop is live with Kathy using an online interface with Zoom

Online/Live & IN-PERSON/Wisconsin, This workshop is offered both in person and online.

Design your own class date/times, max count 4 students, Get a few friends together with a private setting with Kathy, learn Reiki together! No maximum if done by online/live. Covid county guidelines in person.

Join Kathy as she welcomes you with her heart in her classroom. Kathy is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher (LRMT) with the ICRT, International Center of Reiki Training. Along each Holy Fire workshop you complete of Kathy’s you will be provided a certificate & materials recognized by the ICRT and a year membership with the fantastic magazine Reiki News! International postage for manual is additional.

Kathy offers many types of workshops: Either in person or Virtually.  Holy Fire Reiki, Children’s Reiki, All love, Crystal Grids, Nature outings and Field-Trips. She is a sound practitioner, Akashic Record Reader, & Officiate for weddings and Reiki ceremony.

Holy Fire® Reiki & Animal Schedule for 2021 &2022

Reiki 1 &2

1/22/2022 to 1/23/2022 IN PERSON, Deerfield Wisconsin

3/26/2022 to 3/27/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

5/14/2022 to 5/15/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

6/3/2022 to 6/4/2022 IN PERSON

7/9/2022 to 7/10/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

8/20/2022 to 8/21/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

10/19/2022 to 10/20/2022 ONLINE 

11/5/2022 to 11/6/2022  ONLINE



prerequisite Reiki 2 of any lineage.

4/22/2022 to 4/24/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

7/11/2022 to 7/13/2022 IN PERSON 12/9/2022 to 12/11/2022 ONLINE


prerequisite Reiki Master of any lineage.

3/2/2022 to 3/4/2022  ONLINE

5/10/2021 to 05/12/2021 Online/Live with Kathy Milanowski & Karen Caig. Two LRMTs join together to teach!

Animal Reiki Classes

Reiki 1 &2 ( Animal Reiki)

prerequisite Reiki 2 of any lineage.

1/2/2022 to 1/3/2022 ONLINE

2/9/2022 to 2/10/2022 Karen Caig & Kathy Milanowski co teach together ONLINE/LIVE

4/27/2022 to 4/28/2022 ONLINE

5/18/2022 to 5/19/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

6/9/2022 to 6/10/2022 IN PERSON

8/27/2022 to 8/28/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

9/16/2022 to 9/17/2022  ONLINE & IN PERSON

10/21/2022 to 10/22/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

11/12/2022 to 11/13/2022 ONLINE

Master (Animal Reiki)

prerequisite Animal Reiki 1 &2 & Reiki Master of any lineage

12/17/2021 to 12/19/2021 ON-LINE

2/11/2022 to 2/13/2022 Karen Caig & Kathy Milanowski co teach together ONLINE/LIVE

3/18/2022 to 3/20/2022  ONLINE

4/29/2022 to 5/1/2022   ONLINE & IN PERSON

6/11/2022 to 6/13/2022 ONLINE & IN PERSON

9/18/2022 to 9/20/2022   ONLINE & IN PERSON

10/23/2022 to 10/25/2022  IN PERSON

12/3/2022 to 12/5/2022 ONLINE