Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master     
Reiki Master Teacher Kathy Milanowski, LRMT
Materials provided
3 day class.Class times are 9am to 6:30pm

Cost, $1025.000 with a $375.00 non-refundable deposit                                                                        Reiki Masters Workshop – In person or Virtual 

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2020 Schedule                Holy Fire® III Masters 

On-site Location: Madison/Milwaukee, WI   

Holy Fire® III Masters                                      8/21/2020 to 8/23/2020    9/28/2020 to 9/30/2020

Online with Kathy

10/16/2020 to 10/18/2020
12/4/2020 to 12/6/202010   

Reiki 1&2
7/9/2020 to 7/10/2020                                     

10/3/2020 to 10/4/2020
11/21/2020 to 11/22/2020     

In Person with Kathy

8/19/2020 to 8/20/2020      or     9/26/2020 to 9/27/2020


Holy Fire® III, Karuna®

7/17/2020-7/19/2020     or     12/08/202-12/10/2020

                       Reiki Retreat, 2 workshops in one week

Become a Profession member with the International Center Reiki Training, Learn Levels 1&2 & Masters all in 5 days. Prerequisite: Level 2 Reiki of any heritage for 6 months ( ICRT does not recognize internet classes)

IN PERSON, Deerfield Wisconsin

Reiki 1 &2 8/19/2020 to 8/20/2020 and HF Master 8/21/2020 to 8/23/2020
Reiki 1&2 9/26/2020 to 9/27/2020 and HF Masters 9/28/2020 to 9/30/2020


This class offers you a deep healing experience

The Master training combines both Advanced Reiki Training and the complete Usui/Holy Fire lll Master training into one 3 day class. Class times are 9am to 6:30pm each day. 

To qualify to take this class a student must have taken Reiki I&II and practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months. Also, a student must be able to draw & spell the 3 symbols from Reiki II from memory. Along with 3 documented full Reiki Treatments. Recite the three pillars of Reiki.

  • Explanation of the unique way that Holy Fire® III Experiences, Placements and Ignitions are done
  • Explanation of the ICRT definition of Soul and Spirit, the Three Heavens and letting go of guides
  • Healing in the River of Life Experience
  • Demonstrate using crystals and stones with Reiki, Reiki Grids and Distant Healing
  • First Holy Fire® III Ignition
  • Usui Master symbol – meaning and uses
  • Advanced Reiki Placement
  • Practice using Usui Master symbol in sessions
  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience
  • What is Holy Fire®, history, concepts
  • Holy Fire symbol – attributes, benefits and usage
  • Holy Fire® III Reiki and spiritual guidance
  • Explanation Master Practitioner and Master Teacher levels
  • Second Holy Fire® III Ignition
  • Practice Reiki using Holy Fire® with partner
  • Holy Fire® Healing Experience
  • ICRT philosophy and purpose
  • Third Holy Fire® III Ignition
  • Values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master
  • Fourth Holy Fire III Ignition
  • Practice Reiki using Holy Fire® with partner
  • Holy Fire® Meditation
  • Spirit Release process
  • Moving Meditation
  • Experiences, Placements and Ignitions – go over outlines, explanation of how to do them
  • How to receive ignitions by yourself
  • Discuss teaching – go over class outlines
  • Discuss developing a Reiki practice
  • Explain the Reiki Membership Association (RMA) value and Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Class Evaluations
  • Certificates


Something about your Reiki guide for our weekend 

Kathy Milanowski is the Founder/Creator of the Carriage House. Kathy is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Master Teacher with Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki & Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®. She is a licensed teacher in the LRMT program of the International Center of Reiki Training.

Her studies also have developed in Jikiden Reiki® Okuden, Holographic Sound Practitioner, All Love facilitator, Akashic Records Reader, and other healing modalities. She specializes in children, animals, and illnesses. She offers individual & group events at her studio & travels.


Become a Professional Member with the International Center Reiki Training (ICRT)  within  five days. Prerequisite: You must have had 6 months with your Reiki Master certificate of any lineage

Become a Professional Member of the RMA

LRMT retreat in Hana Hawaii