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Setting up Sacred Space

Setting up Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space 

Learn with Kathy Milanowski, LRMT – Reiki Master Teacher in person or online / live Reiki Training & classes, in cultivating sacred space.

Preparing yourself for energetic sessions creates a foundation for the session. It is important to clear yourself and your space, and it is vital to create a personal ritual that feels right to you. 

You must start with yourself. Hold close whatever thoughts bring you to a higher state of being. It is very important to take the time to connect with yourself and begin to raise your vibration. Let go of whatever may be weighing you down as you breathe deeply. 

Release whatever energy you are holding that does not serve your highest good. Think about what brings you Joy. Focus on a moment of pure Love. Remember the Compassion that you shared with another person or animal.  When you raise your vibration,  everything around you begins to alter.

An example of this might be when you walk into a room and you have no choice but to sit by a person that appears to be angry. If you are in a low vibrational state, you too might begin to feel sad; but if you are in a higher vibrational state, the person next to you might not be so sad/angry.

Some people use exercise or a healing modality such as Reiki to raise their vibration,  but this is not necessary. Simple things are all that are needed to raise your vibration – breathe deeply, meditate, dance, go for a walk. 

Now that you have prepared your personal space, it’s time to address your physical space. Arrange the room with your energy, things that make you smile, and make it a space that you enjoy. Ground yourself in your room by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Let your body relax, focusing yourself inward.  Now guide your perception down into the Earth and open your heart, inviting Mother Earth’s energy to energize you. 

Clearing the energy in your room allows the vibration of the space to be lifted higher and allows the space created by the clearing to be filled with light. These are the most important steps to creating sacred space. Some options to clear and raise the vibration of the room are 

Smudge all corners of the room with one of the following

  • Use Plant Life to offer a physical method of cleansing:
    • sage
    • sweetgrass 
    • palo santo
  • Use Sound to clear the room with one of the options below or another sound device you enjoy – be creative!
    • Singing Bowl
    • Toning with Voice
    • Musical Instrument 
  • Use Sacred Symbols to raise the energy of the room:
    • Be in the center of the room
    • Draw the symbols in the air, visualize them, or imagine the sacred symbol in your breath 
    • Apply the sacred symbol to each of the 4 walls, ceiling, and floor
    • Alternately – Choose a sacred symbol/or intention and from the center of the room; then, visualize this symbol/intention sweeping through the room to infuse the space with the positive energies

If you are outside, set up the space exactly as you would do indoors by arranging the space, and then clearing the space.