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Chakra Concepts

Chakra Concepts

Chakra Concepts: The Seven Major Centers   
Education and tools for harmony and balance

1/14 2/11 3/11 4/8 5/13 6/10 7/8

7 workshops, 2nd Sunday of the Month
January-July 2018
10-230pm $65 with a meal 





Chakra Concepts: The Seven Major Centers
Reiki Transformations introduces a seven-month course in Chakra Concepts. This is a detailed introduction of our energy system. Included in your workshop will be educational materials, hands-on experiments, & tools to take home with you. A healthy snack & beverages will also be provided.

There is a minimum of 5 students required to have the workshop. Open for 6-10 participants. Registration ends on January 6th.

This workshop series will be a total of seven months long. Each month we will be embarking on a specific chakra. As we develop in our studies we will be constructing our own prayer flag.
Each workshop will include a discussion, an activity, a presentation and working on a flag for that chakra along a stone that represent that energy center. At the end of the workshop you will have your own chakra set of stones. 
As we build together, our seven workshops will include:

January 14th: Build an Unshakable Belonging, Ritual Keys developing Security
Root Charka/Muladhara. Our Root is the key to feeling grounded, safe, and secure in the world. The deep sense of connection to our Planet/Mother creates a secure foundation of your whole being. We will explore how rituals affect our daily lives and how to develop and incorporate new tools to enhance your growth. This can help you gain the feeling that you truly belong in the universe and you begin to see the positive side of the spectrum.

February 11th: Rebirth, Our Connection, developing a deep sense of joy
Sacral Chakra/Svadhisthana – Joy, Sensuality, and Ease are the keys to life force energy (KI, Chi). Our emotions, sexuality, and creativity are our reflections of our second chakra. As we explore this chakra we will develop new tools to help work with this chakra . Creation, in its purest form. Enjoying beauty and art, can express your emotions without being overwhelmed by them. Enjoy spontaneity and play, be more open to change.

March 11th: Solarizing our Strength with Soul connection, Our personal power. 
Solar Plexus Chakra/Manipura -Discover your personal power by igniting the passage to your soul and enhance the connection with your own will-power, the strength and courage that enables us to shine brighter. Energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally, we are all powerful, radiant beings. Join us in our circle to strengthen the new tools we might discover or share. 

April 8th Harmonizing, Our Heart the path of all doorways
Heart Charka/ Anahata- Our hearts is our center, it houses love, integration, self-love, compassion, healing, and relationships. It is how we connect deeply with others, experience a deeper sense of peace and Harmony. Cultivating these skills, we will go throughout the day that will transform and synchronize your sense of self love and connection to everything. 
Special Guest, Kathy Milanowski, Offering Holy Fire Healing Experience. Join her circle as she offers you a chance to open your hearts a little deeper allowing more light to shine in. She will channel the Holy Fire source offering it the group to aid them on their healing journey. 
Kathy is a Holy Fire II, Reiki Master Teacher, Holographic & Sound Practitioner, & Akashic Records Reader. 

May 13th Our Voice, your truth, you create
Throat Chakra/ Vishuddha houses our voice. The frequency of our truth, how we create. Ever heard the saying, “Your words are who you are” Manifest your essence into your creation with voice, you are that powerful. Developing threw the last six months’ notice how your voice becomes a pillar of your essence. 

June 10th Intuition, our journey. Exploration, cultivating tools to expand our visions
Brow Charka/Ajna is also called the 3rd Eye. Understanding of spiritual evolution, as you connect at a deeper level in this workshop. Join our circle as we learn tools to enhance our 6th energy center. Develop your imagination to awaken your Intuitive skills, with a Journey. The 3rd eye also houses Astral Projections, Dream-walking, Astral/ Dimensional Travel. Lets explore.

July 8th Sense of oneness and unity, Expand your consciousness 
Crown Chakra/Sahasrara: Spiritual life and experience, deep self-knowledge, connection to the One, pure consciousness, transcendence and unity with the divine frequency’s. join us in this month’s adventures as we work on our crown to bring a sense of oneness with your entire being. 

Certificate is given with completion of all the workshops.